Rietrivier Sight Seeing Hiking Trail

Explore the vegetation, rock formations, fresh air, spring water in the crime- and malaria-free environment of the real Baviaanskloof – Road 322. Hike 24km in four days in the foot hills of the Baviaanskloof Mountains.

This trail is child friendly and ideally suited to families. Carry only daypacks – gear will be delivered to your campsites.

  • 4 days hike
  • spend 4 nights in 4 different caves from primitive (basic facilities) to fully equipped even with electricity @ R 215 per night per person.
  • Meals @ R 95 per person per meal can be arranged:
    • Picnic Basket
    • Venison (Kudu) Pie and salads
    • Lamb or chicken stew (Potjie) on rice
    • Farmers Breakfast from the coals
    • Braai vleis with 2 salads
  • Bring your own first aid kit
  • 50km from Willowmore in sedan vehicle
  • 160km from Patensie – requires 4X4 vehicle
  • 200km from George Airport in sedan vehicle

Guides are available at R 150 per day.

Minimum eight persons max 12 persons per group. Please book at least 2 months ahead. If groups want to only hike a part of the route say 2 days then the full accommodation tariffs as specified on our Contact Us page will apply.

The hike can be adjusted to any configuration to suit your circumstances. Please chat to us.

When you arrive a day before, you will be accommodated in Van Terrebert Cave. On the 1st day of the hike everyone will park there vehicles at info/residence at 8am where breakfast can be ordered.

You will hike from info to Boesmanbak, approximately 10kms. Boesmanbak has no facilities, no water, no beds and no lights. A long drop is available. Luggage will be transported to the water tank, where drinking water is also available.

From the water tank, you will carry your night luggage and daypack to the Boesmanbak. A picnic basket can be ordered for the stop at picnic gorge. The picnic basket and water will be transported to the picnic spot. From the picnic spot, you will carry your own water and supplies to the Boesmanbak.

If hikers want to be transported, arrangements can be made at additional costs.

Plants in the area:

  • Plants : Broken Karoo veld
  • Rare dotted Aloe
  • Valley thicket
  • Black Eagles nest
  • Renoster veld
  • “Klipvet”
  • “Klipsweet”
  • Overnight in “Boemansbak” – primitive – no luxuries!


This walk is from Boesmanbak to Aalwynbak. You will make you way to the water tank, where your luggage will be collected. On the way to Aalwynbak, you will pass the waterfalls, the chain ladder, the Kissing rocks, the ladder and the beehive.

Things to See:

  • Hiking down a kloof
  • Lynx’s hiding place
  • Kissing Rock
  • Succulents
  • Honey Ladder
  • Beehive in rocks
  • “Renoster” fynbos
  • Scenery from mountain top
  • Overnight in “Aalwynbak” – beds with mattresses and pillows, flush toilets and warm water system for hot shot shower.

From Aalwynbak, you will walk to the Makkedaat cave and leave all your luggage at Makkedaat. From Makkedaat you will walk the Nguni – Cattle Trail and back to the Makkedaat Cave, where you will spend the night.

  • “Dawid se Bak”.
  • Nguni cattle trail.
  • Fynbos and rest stop at small cave.
  • Overnight in “Makkedaat” Cave and Van Terrebert Cave.
    • Two luxury caves consisting of built up beds with mattresses and pillows, flush toilets and warm water system for hot shower.

Your walk will start at the Makkedaat cave, where your luggage will be left. From the cave you will walk to the road to the Swaeltjie Nes where Boetie Terblauche will take you on a farm tour or an area tour as you prefer.

  • Sleep at Makkedaat Cave and Van Terrebert Cave.